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Double arm outdoor guide rail type lifting platform

Double arm outdoor guide rail type lifting platform

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Product Details
  • Place of Origin:  JI YANG
  • Brand Name:  BaLi
  • Model Number:  102

Product advantage:          

Platform door: Hulan type, mesh type, cabin type (optional)          

High strength steel fixed to ensure the operation of the derrick: stronger, more secure.          

Double insurance: double chain and insurance wire rope transmission, in case of chain fault wire rope to play the role of security.          

Derrick: retractable, folding door, push-pull type etc. (optional)          

The convenient operation of the working level of multipoint control: control appliances, travel switch, relay, the people, by the West German SIEMENS or Schneider (imported electrical matching)          

Automatic leveling layer: the target type operation button, elevator control platform to reach the target floor automatic stop.          

Lifting platform operating warning lights or warning bell (optional)          

Open the door power: when the door is opened, the safety switch of the circuit of the lifting platform is closed, and the protective door of any floor is not closed and the equipment can not be started.          

Emergency manual valve: power failure occurs, the platform can be reduced to the nearest floor of the floor location to open the door.          

Relief valve: anti overload settings, to prevent the upward movement of the system when the pressure is too high.          

Pipeline explosion proof valve: when the hydraulic system pipeline rupture platform, can automatically cut off the oil circuit to stop falling.    

  • Place of Origin:  JI YANG
  • Brand Name:  BaLi
  • Model Number:  102
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